Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 31) Even if the window is in the background a blue rectangle is drawn, where the window is.

main menu
applications switch alt tab 2

SCREENSHOT 32) The workspace switcher shows a tiny preview of the workspace and by clicking on it it will become active.

Look at the four panels (resembling the four different screens, i.e. workspaces) on the top toolbar.

main menu
workspace pager

SCREENSHOT 33) In addition to the min, max, and hide buttons in the top right of every Xfce window, there is one more shade window.

It will roll up the window and only the title bar will be displayed. Click on the shade button as shown.

main menu
shade window button

SCREENSHOT 34) The Thunar window is rolled up and only the title bar stayed.

All windows below are displayed.

main menu
shading Thunar window

SCREENSHOT 35) Clicking on the “shade” button again will restore the Thunar window back to its previous state.

main menu
shading back Thunar window

SCREENSHOT 36) The windows context menu for each application windows offers multiple actions.

These are the options: “Launch New Instance…”, Minimize, Maximize, Move, Resize, “Always on Top”, “Always on Visible Workspace”, “Only on This Workspace”, “Move to Workspace Right”, “Move to Another Workspace” with a dropdown of all available workspace and “Close”.

main menu
windows context menu toolbar

SCREENSHOT 37) The Firefox has been moved to the second workspace.

main menu
windows moved to the second workspace

SCREENSHOT 38) The Log out sub-item will show several options from shut down to lock and suspend.

main menu
Applications Log out

SCREENSHOT 39) Log out, Restart, Shut Down, Suspend, and Switch User are available options under Log out.

By default, the Xfce session is saved and loaded on the next login of the same user. All customization and configuration done by the user are saved in a session, which is then loaded on the user log-in.

main menu
Log out

SCREENSHOT 40) The user screen is locked.

Choose the user and the password to unlock.

main menu
user screen locked

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