Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 Xfce Desktop

SCREENSHOT 91) The General tab of Thunar Properties – the file type, size, times the default open program, and more.

main menu
Thunar Properties General

SCREENSHOT 92) The Emblems tab of Thunar Properties.

main menu
Thunar Properties Emblems

SCREENSHOT 93) The highlighting background or foreground for the folder or the file.

main menu
Thunar Properties Highlight

SCREENSHOT 94) Permissions tab of Thunar Properties.

The standard security options are included – access of the owner, group, and others and the execution bit.

main menu
Thunar Properties Permissions

SCREENSHOT 95) This is a properties window of the image file and there is a custom image file.

main menu
Thunar Properties Image

SCREENSHOT 96) There are extract options for the compressed files.

main menu
Thunar compressed file properties

SCREENSHOT 97) Click on “Create Folder…” from the context menu to create a new folder.

main menu
Thunar create a folder context menu

SCREENSHOT 98) Enter the name of the new folder and click on “Create”.

The folder will be created successfully if it is possible or there will be an error.

main menu
Thunar enter name

SCREENSHOT 99) Thunar 4.18.4

main menu
Thunar 4.18.4

SCREENSHOT 100) xarchiver with an opened archive and the context menu.

main menu
xarchiver open files

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