Network installation of CentOS Stream 9 (20220606.0) – minimal server installation

SCREENSHOT 21) The installation of CentOS Stream 9 is successful and you may reboot the system by clicking on “Reboot System” button.

main menu
Setup reboot

SCREENSHOT 22) The default entry is “CentOS Stream (5.14.0-109.el9.x86_64) 9”, which to boot. The default is the freshly installed CentOS Stream 9.

Wait for some seconds to boot or just hit “Enter”.

main menu
CentOS Stream 9 grub

SCREENSHOT 23) The CentOS Stream 9 is booting and services starts.

main menu
booting and services start up

SCREENSHOT 24) The system is up and running and is waiting for logins.

The root user logged and the output of thee commands are shown: pstree for the process tree, uname for brief system information and free for the memory information. The used memory of freshly installed and running only couple of minutes is around 470 MiB.

main menu
console login root

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