Install Fedora 27 MATE Compiz Desktop

STEP 21) The installation has finished and then you should quit it. Click on “System->Shut down…”

main menu
Quit the installation

STEP 22) Clock on “Restart” to restart the machine.

main menu

STEP 23) The reboot is in progress, shutting down the services…

main menu
Shutting down services

STEP 24) Your freshly installed Fedora 27 LXDE is the default boot option in the booting program (grub2).

As you can see we have two more Operating systems – Windows 10 and Ubuntu 17.10.

main menu
Grub – Fedora

STEP 25) Login screen for Fedora 27 MATE Compiz

Select the username and enter its password. In our case – username: myuser and password.

main menu
Login for Fedora 27

STEP 26) This is the default look of the MATE Compiz desktop

First login in Fedora 27 MATE Compiz. No 3D and Effects are ON. You could switch them on from the Settings.

main menu
STEP 27) MATE Desktop Environment information

The desktop version installed by the installation disk is MATE 1.19.1.
[caption id="27" align="alignnone" width="1024"]main menu First login in Fedora 27 MATE Compiz

STEP 28) You can see the look of default file manager in MATE – Caja 1.19.2

main menu
file manager in MATE – Caja 1.19.2

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