Install Fedora 27 MATE Compiz Desktop

STEP 11) If your disk has some data (partitions) you must go through additional steps asking you if you want to Reclaim the disk space of the disk.

If your disk does not have any partitions and all the space is unallocated you would not be asked any questions.

main menu
Reclaim space

STEP 12) This steps shows you what is the current layout of the selected disk for installation. We do not need any data there SO select “Delete All”

main menu
Delete All partitions

STEP 13) Accept all changes with the layout of the installation disk by clicking “Reclaim space”

main menu
Apply the changes on the disk layout – Reclaim space

STEP 14) Now the installation setup is configured and by clicking on “Begin Installation” the actual installation on your selected hard drive begins.

main menu
Begin Installation

STEP 15) While the installation processes is working you can set root password and create an additional user. Click on “ROOT PASSWORD” to set a password.

main menu

STEP 16) Enter the root password two times and then “Done”

main menu
set root password

STEP 17) Create an additional user (click on “USER CREATION”), always use additional user (with administrative privileges) and not root.

main menu

STEP 18)

main menu

STEP 19) Set the full name and the username (login name) and be sure to check “Make this user administrator”.

Use ordinary user for every day work and for administrator’s purposes authorize with password – this is possible only if your user has administrative privileges – they are used only after authorization not by default!

main menu
Create User

STEP 20) The setup is still working… Last preparation before reboot.

main menu
Generating initramfs…

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