Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 181) Sound system configuration.

System volume, Volume Levels, Input, Alert Sound, and more.

main menu
Settings Sound

SCREENSHOT 182) Devices, Power Saving – what to do in the different levels.

Power mode – Balanced and Power Saver. More power-saving options – Screen Black and Automatic Suspend. What is the behavior of pressing the power button – by default Suspend. Some devices like mice and keyboards, which supports power reporting may also be configured.

main menu
Settings Power

SCREENSHOT 183) Display – orientation, resolution, refresh rate, and Scale.

Night mode configurations.

main menu
Settings Devices Displays

SCREENSHOT 184) Settings like Primary Button – left or right. Mouse – the mouse speed and more.

main menu
Settings Mouse Touchpad

SCREENSHOT 185) Keyboard settings – physical and shortcuts.

Input Sources, Input Source Switching, Special Character Entry, and Keyboard Shortcuts sub-groups.

main menu
Settings Keyboard

SCREENSHOT 186) Add an Input Source – additional language layout.

main menu
Settings Keyboard Input Sources

SCREENSHOT 187) Printers settings.

One USB printer is connected to the computer.

main menu
Settings Printers

SCREENSHOT 188) The printer details.

main menu
Settings Printers Printer Details

SCREENSHOT 189) Media handling – CD audio, DVD video, Music player, Photos and Software, USB flash drives and etc.

main menu
Settings – Removable Media

SCREENSHOT 190) Color profiles for the devices connected to the computer.

main menu
Settings Color

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