Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 Workstation (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 151) Click on the “Turn on” button to share the computer’s Internet connection.

main menu
Settings WiFi Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot

SCREENSHOT 152) The wired networks are shown here including the VPN networks.

Network Proxy confirmation.

main menu
Settings Network

SCREENSHOT 153) The wired network settings configuration dialog.

To IPv4 change the settings the corresponding tab should be selected.

main menu
Settings Network wired settings

SCREENSHOT 154) Available Bluetooth devices.

Four bluetooth devices found.

main menu
Settings Bluetooth

SCREENSHOT 155) Settings Background images

main menu
Settings Background

SCREENSHOT 156) Notifications of all applications.

Enable and disable the ability of an application to show notifications to the user.

main menu
Settings Notifications

SCREENSHOT 157) The notification settings of the Files application.

Enable and disable notifications, Sound Alerts, Notification Popups, Show Messages Content in Popups, Lock Screen Notifications, and Show Message Content on Lock Screen for Files applications.

main menu
Settings Notifications Files

SCREENSHOT 158) Search results and their order of appearance are shown in the Activities Overview.

main menu
Settings Search

SCREENSHOT 159) The behavior of the Gnome Shell in terms of hidden functionality for different screens, workspaces, multiple monitors, and desktop activities.

main menu
Settings Multitasking

SCREENSHOT 160) More options are available to ease the multitasking workflow.

main menu
Settings Multitasking page 2

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