Monitor and analyze with Grafana, influxdb 1.8 and collectd under CentOS Stream 9

SCREENSHOT 21) Add a new panel, which may contain charts, graphs, tables, counters, lines of data, and more.

main menu
Dashboards Add a new panel

SCREENSHOT 22) A new panel in the new dashboard with the CPU idle percentage of a server.

Click on the button “Apply” to apply the changes in the current dashboard and return to the main page of the dashboard.

main menu
New Dashboard panel CPU Idle

SCREENSHOT 23) Save all modifications in the current dashboard and the new dashboard.

Click on the right bottom corner “diskette” button.

main menu
Dashboard save

SCREENSHOT 24) Saving a new dashboard will trigger an additional window with details and the dashboard name.

Set the dashboard’s name to CPU and click on the button “Save”.

main menu
New Dashboard save

SCREENSHOT 25) The new dashboard CPU is under the folder General.

main menu
Dashboards page

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