Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 41) The Advanced mode of the built-in Gnome Calculator.

main menu
Applications Calculator Modes Advanced

SCREENSHOT 42) Calculator 41.1.

main menu
Applications Calculator 41.1

SCREENSHOT 43) LibreOffice Calc Community.

A free spreadsheet program.

main menu
LibreOffice Calc

SCREENSHOT 44) LibreOffice Calc chart

main menu
LibreOffice Calc chart

SCREENSHOT 45) LibreOffice Writer

main menu
LibreOffice Writer

SCREENSHOT 46) Gnome gedit 41.0 with opened CPP file.

main menu
gedit 41.0 cpp file

SCREENSHOT 47) Start the Disk Usage Analyzer by navigating to the “Show Applications” -> “Utilities” -> “Disk Usage Analyzer”.

main menu
Applications Utilities Disk Usage Analyzer icon

SCREENSHOT 48) mydesktop is the name of this computer under this Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS installation.

Clicking on it to get details.

main menu
Utilities Devices Locations

SCREENSHOT 49) Disk Usage Analyzer 41.0

main menu
Disk Usage Analyzer 41.0

SCREENSHOT 50) The Disk Usage Analyzer is analyzing the mydesktop directories.

main menu
Disk Usage Analyzer analyzing

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