Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

SCREENSHOT 91) Image Viewer settings for notifications and default handlers.

Types of files and links that this application opens like “.jpg”, “.svg”, “.png” and tc.

main menu
Settings Applications Image Viewer

SCREENSHOT 92) Ubuntu Software application settings includes a lot more sections – permissions, access and notifications.

Most of the permissions are in ACCESS, READ, WRITE, CHANGE types.

main menu
Settings Applications Ubuntu Software

SCREENSHOT 93) Connectivity – the first sub-section of the privacy section.

Connectivity checking is used to detect connection issues and helps you to stay online.

main menu
Settings Privacy Connectivity

SCREENSHOT 94) The location share service – which application may have the ability to access user’s physical location.

By default, it is turned off.

main menu
Settings Privacy Location Services

SCREENSHOT 95) Thunderbolt privacy section.

main menu
Settings Privacy Thunderbolt

SCREENSHOT 96) File history service keeps a record of files the user have used for a period of time.

Mainly used for e better searching. In this section, the time t keep the files in the trash, could be changed. By default, the files in the trash are kept 30 days.

main menu
Settings Privacy File History and Trash

SCREENSHOT 97) Screen Lock – automatically locking the screen when there is a period of user inactivity to prevent others from accessing this computer.

main menu
Settings Privacy Screen Lock

SCREENSHOT 98) Problem reporting – whether this service to send reports to Canonical on problems or not.

In general, it is better to send technical reports on errors, that’s way the future version of the Ubuntu maybe more stable and secure.

main menu
Settings Privacy Diagnostic

SCREENSHOT 99) Cloud and email services integrated in Ubuntu Desktop.

Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS supports Ubuntu Single, Google, Nextcloud, Microsoft, Flickr, Foursquare, Microsoft Exchange, IMAP and SMTP services, Kerberos and etc.

main menu
Settings Online Accounts

SCREENSHOT 100) Two types of sharing are available – media (share images and video) and remote desktop share.

main menu
Settings Online Sharing

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