Review of freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS (Gnome GUI)

After the article of Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS installation steps Install Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS on the entire disk and Install Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS on a PC with existing windows 10 – dual boot this article is mainly to see what to expect from a freshly installed Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS – the look and feel of the GUI (Gnome – version 42.0).

  • Xorg X server –
  • GNOME (the GUI) – 42.0
  • linux kernel – 5.15.0

The idea of this tutorial is to see what to expect from Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTSthe look and feel of the GUI, the default installed programs, and their look and how to do some basic steps with them. Here you’ll find more than 114 screenshots and not so many text we do not want to turn this review of many texts and version information and 3 meaningless screenshots , which you cannot see anything for the user interface, which these days is the primary goal of a Desktop system. You can expect more of this kind of review in the future…
You can find a similar article for Fedora Workstation 36 – (coming soon).
Real workstations, not virtual environments are used for all installation and review tutorials!

SCREENSHOT 1) Ubuntu is selected by default

Wait for 10 seconds or hit Enter to boot the Ubuntu. The GNU GRUB version is 2.06.

main menu
grub entry boot

SCREENSHOT 2) Select the user.

main menu
login screen

SCREENSHOT 3) Enter the password.

main menu
login screen password

SCREENSHOT 4) Gnome Shell Overview.

main menu
desktop – gnome shell

SCREENSHOT 5) Notification area and Calendar

main menu
Notification area and Calendar

SCREENSHOT 6) Status menu

main menu
Status menu

SCREENSHOT 7) Three network options – Select Network, Turn Off, Wi-Fi Settings.

Click on “Select Network” to view all available wi-fi networks in the region.

main menu
status menu network options

SCREENSHOT 8) Select a Wi-Fi Network to connect to.

main menu
status menu Wi-Fi Networks

SCREENSHOT 9) There are four options under “Power Off/Log out” – Suspend, Restart…, Power Off… and Log Out.

main menu
status menu power off log out

SCREENSHOT 10) The Power Off needs user confirmation to power off the computer.

main menu
status menu power off

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