Install Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS on the entire disk with dual boot MS Windows

SCREENSHOT 41) It is a good idea to report anonymously data to Ubuntu’s developers.

main menu
Help improve Ubuntu

SCREENSHOT 42) Ready to use the new Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS!

Click on “Finish” to continue.

main menu
Ready to go

SCREENSHOT 43) The Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS Overview.

main menu
Ubuntu Desktop Overview

SCREENSHOT 44) Click on “Show Apps” button on the left bottom corner to show the graphical user applications in the system.

main menu
Show Apps

SCREENSHOT 45) The Utilities is a sub-group of more applications.

main menu
Utilities sub-group

SCREENSHOT 46) The default Ubuntu Desktop 24.04 LTS Utilities includes networking, disk, logs, fonts and more applications.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 47) The settings application is in the main application menu.

main menu
Start settings

SCREENSHOT 48) The about settings page of Ubuntu 24.04 LTS.

Main hardware components and versions are shown here. GNOME version 42.0. Windowing System is X11. The Graphics uses NVIDIA proprietary driver for NVIDIA GTX 1080TI.

main menu
settings about

SCREENSHOT 49) System details – hardware and software, which could be easily copied.

main menu
settings about system details

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