Install Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS on a PC with existing windows 10 – dual boot

SCREENSHOT 21) Now the Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation wizard is copying all needed files…

More details by clicking on “Installing system…”

main menu
Installing system

SCREENSHOT 22) The Ubuntu 22.04 LTS installation wizard may download update files from the Internet.

main menu
Downloading packages

SCREENSHOT 23) When the installation is over, restart by hitting “Restart Now” button.

main menu
Installation Complete

SCREENSHOT 24) Eject the installation media and hit “Enter” to continue.

To boot under the newly installed Ubuntu 22.04 LTS the installation media should be removed.

main menu
installation wizard eject media

SCREENSHOT 25) The Grub 2.06 menu looks like this – Ubuntu Desktop 22.04 LTS is at first place and the default option.

Hit “Enter” or wait for 10 seconds to load.

main menu
Grub 2 menu

SCREENSHOT 26) The default login screen of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, select the username.

main menu
Default login screen username

SCREENSHOT 27) Enter the password and then hit “Enter”.

main menu
Default login screen password

SCREENSHOT 28) Connect cloud accounts with this installation of Ubuntu 22.04 LTS for better experience.

Just skip this step by clicking on “Skip” if no such accounts are available to the user.

main menu
first login setup – online accounts

SCREENSHOT 29) It is a good idea to report anonymously data to Ubuntu’s developers.

main menu
Help improve Ubuntu

SCREENSHOT 30) By default, no location services is active and locations shared.

main menu

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