Review of freshly installed Fedora 39 KDE Plasma Desktop part 2 – System Settings

SCREENSHOT 61) Add a new cloud account.

The supported cloud accounts are OpenDesktop, ownCloud, NextCloud, and Google.

main menu
Personalization – Online Accounts – Add

SCREENSHOT 62) Contribute anonymous data for the KDE Plasma project.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – User Feedback

SCREENSHOT 63) Network Manager controlled connections.

The IP information is in IPv4 and IPv6 tabs.

main menu
Network – Connections – Wired

SCREENSHOT 64) The IPv4 settings are configured to DHCP – automatically to obtain an IPv4 address from the network.

main menu
Network – Connections – IPv4

SCREENSHOT 65) Network-specific settings for the KDE Plasma and plasma applications.

Set a network proxy.

main menu
Network – Settings – Proxy

SCREENSHOT 66) Timeout values, Global options, and FTP options.

main menu
Network – Settings – Connection Preferences

SCREENSHOT 67) Trusted SSL certificates in the system.

main menu
Network – Settings – SSL Preferences

SCREENSHOT 68) Cookies policy.

main menu
Network – Settings – Cookies

SCREENSHOT 69) Default system configuration when opening a Windows Share.

main menu
Network – Settings – Windows Shares

SCREENSHOT 70) Tuning the keyboard – num lock, delay, rate, and more.

main menu
Hardware – Input Devices – Keyboard

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