Install Fedora Workstation 29 (Gnome GUI)

STEP 11) The setup is still working… Installation progress is at 71%.

main menu
Installing software 71%

STEP 12) The installation has finished. You should quit the installation program.

main menu
Quit the installation setup

STEP 13) You are still in the Live image, so click on the top right corner and then click on the power button.

main menu
Reboot your machine

STEP 14) Confirm the restart of your machine and eject the installation media DVD or USB (unplug the USB flash drive)

main menu
Confirm the restart

STEP 15) The live image is restarting.

main menu

STEP 16) Your freshly installed Fedora Workstation 29 is the default boot option in the booting program (grub2).

As you can see we have two more Operating systems – Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS. The setup found these options and added to the boot menu.

main menu
Grub – Fedora

STEP 17) Loading Fedora Workstation 29 for the first time, the last step setting up your system “Welcome” screen.

main menu
First load of Fedora Workstation 29 – Welcome screen of the last step of the setup.

STEP 18) Choose your Wi-Fi spot or skip as we did, because we have a wired network.

main menu
First load of Fedora Workstation 29 – Wi-Fi selection

STEP 19) Tune your privacy settings, these are defaults on the screen. It is good to report problems and bugs. Click on “Next”.

main menu
First load of Fedora Workstation 29 – privacy

STEP 20) Connect your online accounts.

If you have cloud account here is the moment to configure them, some of them offer shared folder to sync with the cloud. Click on “Skip” if do not have such accounts or you do not want to use them with this installation.

main menu
First load of Fedora Workstation 29 – Online Accounts

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