Technical details of Fedora Workstation 31 (Gnome GUI)

  • Rust – 1.38.0
  • Subversion – 1.12.2
  • Git – 2.23.0
  • Note: Not all of the above software comes installed by default. The versions above are valid for the intial release so in fact, these are the minimal versions you get with Fedora 31and installing and updating it after the initial date may update some of the above packages with new versions.
    The installation procedure you can find here – Install Fedora Workstation 31 (Gnome GUI).
    Installed packages are 1653 occupying 6.9G space:.

    [root@srv ~]# dnf list installed|wc -l
    [root@srv ~]# df -h /
    Filesystem                               Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/mapper/fedora_localhost--live-root   69G  6.9G   59G  11% /


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