Review of freshly installed Fedora 38 KDE Plasma Desktop part 2 – System Settings

SCREENSHOT 51) All base file association types – application, audio, font, image, inode, message, model, multipart, text, video, x-content and x-epoc.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – File Associations – Known Types

SCREENSHOT 52) File Associations – control which program will open a specific file extension.

For example, the “gz” file extension is a gzip archive and it would be open with the “Ark” application. It may include several applications in application order preference.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – File Associations gzip

SCREENSHOT 53) the default location paths for “virtual folders” like Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Videos, Pictures, and Music.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – Locations

SCREENSHOT 54) Default applications for the important productivity applications – Web browser – Firefox, File manager – Dolphin, Email client – KMail, Terminal emulator – Konsole, Map – OpenStreetMap, and Dailer – KDE Connect.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – Default Applications

SCREENSHOT 55) Custom permissions for the flatpack packages.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – Flatpack Permission Settings

SCREENSHOT 56) Legacy X11 apps require the ability to read keystrokes typed in other apps for features that are activated using global keyboard shortcuts.

This is disabled by default for security reasons.

main menu
Personalization – Applications – Legacy X11 App Support

SCREENSHOT 57) Enable or disable the key and password store in KDE Plasma.

main menu
Personalization – KDE Wallet – Wallet Preferences

SCREENSHOT 58) Access Control – policy and access to the wallet.

main menu
Personalization – KDE Wallet – Access Control

SCREENSHOT 59) No accounts are added in this system.

Click on “Add New Account…” to add one.

main menu
Personalization – Online Accounts

SCREENSHOT 60) Add a new cloud account.

The supported cloud accounts are OpenDesktop, ownCloud, NextCloud, and Google.

main menu
Personalization – Online Accounts – Add

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