Install CentOS 6.10 minimal

SCREENSHOT 21) Confirm you want to write the changes to the selected disk.

This includes deleting the old partitions if any and creating new – a new layout of the disk.

main menu
Writing storage configuration to disk

SCREENSHOT 22) The setup is creating the new partitions and formatting them.

As you can see LVM is used.

main menu
Creating new devices

SCREENSHOT 23) Starting installation process.

main menu
Installation starting

SCREENSHOT 24) You have a progress of what is currently doing the setup.

153 files were installed of total 205. You can see the packages and brief information for them.

main menu
Packages completed

SCREENSHOT 25) The installation of the CentOS 6.10 is complete you may reboot the computer by clicking on “Reboot”.

main menu
CentOS installation is complete.

SCREENSHOT 26) The setup exits and the system is preparing for reboot.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 27) By defaut the system will not go to grub menu, it will boot the default option if you do not press any key for 6 seconds.

main menu
Booting CentOS 6

SCREENSHOT 28) Booting CentOS 6. Loading the kernel and services.

You can monitor the process if you hit “Esc” key, you’ll see how and the starting order of the services.

main menu

SCREENSHOT 29) The minimal install of CentOS 6.10 do not include any GUI, so a console login is offered.

main menu
Console Login

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