Send and receive Groestlcoins with Groestlcoin Core 25.0 graphical user interface

SCREENSHOT 31) The hint in the Overview window also shows the number of confirmations.

main menu
Overview Window 7 confirmations

SCREENSHOT 32) After a while, there are even 94 confirmations of this transaction.

main menu
Transaction Details Window 94 confirmations

SCREENSHOT 33) Crosscheck it in some Groestlcoin blockchain explorer sites and indeed, the transaction has already 97 confirmations in the Groestlcoin network.

main menu
Groestlcoin blockchain explorer

SCREENSHOT 34) Receive Window generates a new Groestlcoin address, which may be used to receive Groestlcoin coins.

main menu
Receive Window

SCREENSHOT 35) Fill a label and remindful message and click on “Create new receiving address”.

main menu
Receive Window filled

SCREENSHOT 36) A “Request payment to” window is shown with the new Groestlcoin address and a QR code of it.

Payment information includes – URI, Address, Label, Message, and Wallet (name). Copy it and click on “OK” to close it.

main menu
Request payment to window

SCREENSHOT 37) Click on the “Show” button to show more information about the Groestlcoin address.

The “Request payment to” window will be shown again.

main menu
Show button in Receive window

SCREENSHOT 38) Click on “Copy Address” to copy only the Groestlcoin address.

main menu
Request payment to window copy address

SCREENSHOT 39) An unconfirmed receive transaction just showed up.

main menu
Transactions Window unconfirmed receive

SCREENSHOT 40) There is one confirmation for the received transaction.

main menu
1 confirmation receive transaction.

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