Send and receive Groestlcoins with Groestlcoin Core 25.0 graphical user interface

SCREENSHOT 11) Click on File and Open Wallet to list the available wallets in this application.

Click on “my-groestlcoin-wallet” and the wallet will be opened.

main menu
File Open Wallet

SCREENSHOT 12) The wallet overview shows the balance – available and pending (i.e. not confirmed) and the brief information for the recent transactions.

The wallet has one address labeled “myaddress1” with 10 GRS in it.

main menu
Wallet Overview 10 GRS

SCREENSHOT 13) Click on the Send button to send Groestlcoins away.

main menu
Wallet Send button

SCREENSHOT 14) Fill the “Pay to” address with a Groestlcoin address, label the address with some name, fill in the amount GRS to be sent, and click on “Send”.

The receiving address will receive exactly 5 GRS, and the fee will be paid from the sender, i.e. it will be deducted from the 10 GRS of this wallet.

main menu
Wallet Send view

SCREENSHOT 15) The wallet is encrypted, so the password must be entered before continuing with the transaction.

main menu
Unlock wallet

SCREENSHOT 16) Confirm the sending of the coins to the shown address and the fee of the transaction.

There is a 3-second delay before the “Send” button becomes enabled, which ensures the sender reads the confirmation.

main menu
Confirm send coins window

SCREENSHOT 17) The “Send” button becomes enabled after 3 seconds.

Click on “Send” to send the GRS amount to the shown address. Be careful, this operation is irreversible.

main menu
Confirm send coins window Send enabled

SCREENSHOT 18) There is a Ubuntu notification from the Groestlcoin Core application for a “Sent transaction”.

main menu
Groestlcoin Core Sent transaction notification

SCREENSHOT 19) The transaction immediately appears in the Transactions window and hovering over it the hint shows it is still “Unconfirmed”.

“Unconfirmed” means it is not in any block in the network.

main menu
Transactions window

SCREENSHOT 20) The Overview window shows the unconfirmed transaction.

All sent transactions are in red. The “[]” around the amount of the transaction means it is still unconfirmed.

main menu
Overview with Unconfirmed transaction

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