Gentoo Minimal Installation CD (amd64 aka x86_64) – booting (in UEFI mode)

SCREENSHOT 11) Interface details – MAC and name of the network device you want to use. Click on “YES”.

main menu
net-setup: Interface details

SCREENSHOT 12) Network setup

Choose the type of your network. For this installation we do not use our wifi, so we use our wired network.

main menu
net-setup: Network setup


Choose if between automatic and manual TCP/IP setup. Because if you have DHCP server in your network you’ll have an IP set during boot, so we decided here to show you a manual setup. Choose here “Specify an IP address manually” and then hit “OK”.

main menu
net-setup: TCP/IP Settings

SCREENSHOT 14) Choose your favorite syntax ifconfig or iproute2.

No difference except slightly in the syntax, so we choose here the new utility: “Use iproute2 to configure the network”. Then hit “OK”.

main menu
net-setup: TCP/IP setup

SCREENSHOT 15) IP address

Set the IP address here. We set here: “” – the netmask is

main menu
net-setup: IP address

SCREENSHOT 16) Gateway

Set the gateway of your network, we set here:, because this is the IP of our router.

main menu
net-setup: Gateway


Set the DNS server in your network, it’s probably the IP of your router, bu you can use a public DNS server as “”, which is offered by Google. Enter “” and hit “OK”.

main menu
net-setup: DNS Server

SCREENSHOT 18) DNS Search suffix

Leave blank and just hit “OK”, we won’t use this.

main menu
net-setup: DNS Search suffix

SCREENSHOT 19) Check network settings and start openssh daemon

After setting the network you can check if it works:

ip a
#use domain name to see if your machine could resolve names

Start openssh daemon and set a new password to be able to log in the server remotely, which is way to easy to manage the server – from your console. You could have used this installation CD with IPMI KVM, iDRAC, iLO or other remote server management software.

/etc/init.d/sshd start
main menu
Check network settings and start sshd

SCREENSHOT 20) Restarting the system

main menu
Restarting Gentoo Installation CD

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