Review of freshly installed Fedora 37 KDE Plasma Desktop part 2 – System Settings

SCREENSHOT 61) Network Manager controlled connections.

The IP information is in IPv4 and IPv6 tabs.

main menu
Network – Connections – Wired

SCREENSHOT 62) Network-specific settings for the KDE Plasma and plasma applications.

Set a network proxy.

main menu
Network – Settings – Proxy

SCREENSHOT 63) Timeout values, Global options, and FTP options.

main menu
Network – Settings – Connection Preferences

SCREENSHOT 64) Trusted SSL certificates in the system.

main menu
Network – Settings – SSL Preferences

SCREENSHOT 65) Cookies policy.

main menu
Network – Settings – Cookies

SCREENSHOT 66) Default system configuration when opening a Windows Share.

main menu
Network – Settings – Windows Shares

SCREENSHOT 67) Tuning the keyboard – num lock, delay, rate, and more.

main menu
Hardware – Input Devices – Keyboard

SCREENSHOT 68) Keyboard layouts – the ability to write in different languages.

Switching policy of the layouts – changing the language may be per all applications – globally or per desktop, application, or even window. If set to Application when the user changes the language in one application and switches to some others, the previous language will be set. To enable adding additional language layouts check the “Configure layouts” and then click on the “+ Add” button.

main menu
Hardware – Input Devices – Keyboard – Layouts

SCREENSHOT 69) Add additional language layout.

Navigate to the language you want to add and click “OK”.

main menu
Hardware – Input Devices – Keyboard – Layouts – Add

SCREENSHOT 70) Apply the new settings – a new language layout is added.

main menu
Hardware – Input Devices – Keyboard – Layouts – Add Layout – Apply

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