Missing the CentOS Stream 9 CRB repository – nothing provides python3-pyxattr needed by

CentOS Stream 9 CRB repository is the name of the repository, which replaces the old CentOS Stream 8 PowerTools repository.

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enable CRB
The CRB is an official repository, which stands for CodeReady Linux Builder repository. It includes multiple important packages mainly for developer packages (those with “-devel” in the name). The CRB packages may be found here: https://mirror.stream.centos.org/9-stream/CRB/x86_64/os/Packages/.
When installing packages from community official or other repositories they may depend on packages in CRB repositories, but because it is not enabled by default, there will be a nasty error of broken dependencies like:

 Problem: cannot install the best candidate for the job
  - nothing provides python3-pyxattr needed by glusterfs-server-11.0-2.el9s.x86_64 from centos-gluster11-test
(try to add '--skip-broken' to skip uninstallable packages or '--nobest' to use not only best candidate packages)

The package glusterfs-server-11.0-2.el9s.x86_64 needs the package python3-pyxattr, which cannot be found in all the enabled repositories on the system, so it appears the system is broken.

So the python3-pyxattr is part of the CRB repository so just enabling it will solve the problem:

[root@srv ~]# dnf config-manager --set-enabled crb
[root@srv ~]# dnf install -y glusterfs-server
CentOS Stream 9 - BaseOS                                                                 198 kB/s | 9.5 kB     00:00    
CentOS Stream 9 - AppStream                                                               26 kB/s |  10 kB     00:00    
CentOS Stream 9 - CRB                                                                    8.0 MB/s | 5.4 MB     00:00    
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                                Architecture    Version                     Repository                      Size
 glusterfs-server                       x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test          1.2 M
Installing dependencies:
 attr                                   x86_64          2.5.1-3.el9                 baseos                          61 k
 device-mapper-event                    x86_64          9:1.02.195-1.el9            baseos                          33 k
 device-mapper-event-libs               x86_64          9:1.02.195-1.el9            baseos                          32 k
 device-mapper-persistent-data          x86_64          0.9.0-13.el9                baseos                         782 k
 glusterfs-cli                          x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test          185 k
 glusterfs-client-xlators               x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test          785 k
 glusterfs-fuse                         x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test          136 k
 glusterfs-selinux                      noarch          2.0.1-1.el9s                centos-gluster11                29 k
 libaio                                 x86_64          0.3.111-13.el9              baseos                          24 k
 libgfapi0                              x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test           95 k
 libgfchangelog0                        x86_64          11.0-2.el9s                 centos-gluster11-test           34 k
 lvm2                                   x86_64          9:2.03.21-1.el9             baseos                         1.5 M
 lvm2-libs                              x86_64          9:2.03.21-1.el9             baseos                         1.0 M
 python3-pyxattr                        x86_64          0.7.2-4.el9                 crb                             35 k
 rpcbind                                x86_64          1.2.6-5.el9                 baseos                          58 k

Transaction Summary
Install  16 Packages

Total download size: 6.0 M
  python3-pyxattr-0.7.2-4.el9.x86_64                         rpcbind-1.2.6-5.el9.x86_64                                 


Listing packages of the CRB repository is simple enough.

[root@srv ~]# dnf repository-packages crb list
Last metadata expiration check: 1:26:16 ago on Mon 19 Jun 2023 12:50:59 PM UTC.
Installed Packages
python3-pyxattr.x86_64                       0.7.2-4.el9                        @crb
Available Packages
CUnit-devel.i686                             2.1.3-25.el9                       crb 
CUnit-devel.x86_64                           2.1.3-25.el9                       crb 
Judy-devel.i686                              1.0.5-28.el9                       crb 
Judy-devel.x86_64                            1.0.5-28.el9                       crb 
LibRaw-devel.i686                            0.20.2-6.el9                       crb 
LibRaw-devel.x86_64                          0.20.2-6.el9                       crb 

Apparently, CentOS Stream 9 installation should include EPEL and CRB repositories in addition to the base ones.
Almost half of the files are developments files (i.e. “-devel”) packages and others are additional libraries, mainly Python 3 and Perl modules, OpenJDK 17, 11, 1.8.0 slow debug and fast debug, and more.

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