Avoiding Esc (escape) key, a key combination to simulate it

Writing the last howto there was an idea: how to simulate the ESC key, when the key is not available in our keyboard, which is very often these days. Mobile traffic is the ruler coming from mobile devices, of course! So why to limit console users (probably mainly admins?) only to desktop or “qwerty” keyboards? The tables could weight under 500 grams and event smartphones could be used to ssh to a server and what if you do not have ESC key, but need to use it? You can try the following combination:

The escape key can be replaced with pressing and holding CTRL and pressing “[” (left square bracket) = “CTRL+[”

So next time when trying to use ssh or console under Android or iOS or any device try this combination at lease it could be faster than selecting a menu for a predefined keys like ESC key.

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