ansible – using ansible vault with copy module to decrypt on-the-fly files

Here is an interesting tip for all who what to protect the sensitive information with ansible. Our example is simple enough – we want to protect our private key and we want to decrypt it when installing on the server. The copy ansible module has a decrypt feature and it can decrypt the file on-the-fly when the task is executed.
Here is how to use ansible vault to encrypt the file with the private key and the ansible playbook file to copy the file.

If you are a newbie in ansible you can check this article – First ansible use – install and execute a single command or multiple tasks in a playbook There you can see how to create your inventory file (and configure sudo if you remotely log in with unprivileged user) used herein the example.

STEP 1) Encrypt the file with ansible vault

myuser@srv ~ $ ansible-vault encrypt server.key
New Vault password: 
Confirm New Vault password: 
Encryption successful

You can see the file now is changed and starts with:

myuser@srv ~ $ cat server.key 

STEP 2) Ansible playbook file to use copy and decrypt option

- hosts: all
    - name: Copy server private key
        src: server.key
        dest: /etc/env/server.key
        decrypt: yes
        owner: root 
        group: root 
        mode: 400
        backup: no

STEP 3) Execute the ansible playbook

myuser@srv ~ $ ansible-playbook --ask-vault-pass -l srv3 -i ./inventory.ini ./playbook-example.yml -b
Vault password: 

PLAY [all] *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************

TASK [Gathering Facts] *****************************************************************************************************************************************************
ok: [srv3]

TASK [Copy server private key] *********************************************************************************************************************************************
changed: [srv3]

PLAY RECAP *****************************************************************************************************************************************************************
srv3                       : ok=2    changed=1    unreachable=0    failed=0   

And the file in the remote server (srv3 in the example) is unencrypted in /etc/env/server.key!

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  1. I want to copy the encrypted vault file from the local to the remote server and the file should be encrypted in the remote server as well. what playbook and commands i have to use.

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