SSD cache device to a software raid using LVM2

Inspired by our article – SSD cache device to a hard disk drive using LVM, which uses SSD driver as a cache device to a single hard drive, we decided to make a new article, but this time using two hard drives in raid setup (in our case RAID1 for redundancy) and a single NVME SSD drive.
The goal:
Caching RAID1 consisting of two 8T hard drive with a single 1T NVME SSD drive. Caching reads and writes, i.e. the write-back is enabled.
Our setup:

  • 1 NVME SSD disk Samsung 1T. It will be used for writeback cache device (you may use writethrough, too, to maintain the redundancy of the whole storage)!
  • 2 Hard disk drive 8T grouped in RAID1 for redundancy.

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