bind – dns server queries statistics with statistics-file

There is an option “statistics-file” in the BIND9 configuration for query statistics. It will give you statistics for

  • Incoming Requests – total number of queries
  • Incoming Queries – queries by record type
  • Outgoing Queries – queries by record type per view
  • Name Server Statistics – extended queries statistics by network connection type (UDP, TCP or IPv4 and IPv6 interface), by type of answer (authoritative, non authoritative and so on) and more
  • Zone Maintenance Statistics – transfer and system queries
  • Resolver Statistics – recursive queries
  • Cache DB RRsets – cached resources records sets
  • Socket I/O Statistics – statistics numbers for UDP, TCP (for both IPv4 and IPV6) sockets and connections opened, closed, failure
  • Per Zone Query Statistics – so you can see how many queries you have for a zone in a view (and the transfers if the server is a slave)

In named.conf:

options {
    statistics-file "/var/log/named.stats";
    zone-statistics yes ;

But if you check in /var/log this file might be missing even your BIND server has been running for months!

This is because the statistics and the file is generated on request and is a snapshot at the moment you do the request

To request from the BIND server to generate the file is pretty easy:

root@srv ~ # rndc stats
root@srv ~ #

No standard output and you should have the stats file generated:

root@srv ~ # ls -altr /var/log/named.stats 
-rw-r--r-- 1 named named 174997 Apr  7 01:43 /var/log/named.stats

The generated requests are appended in the file with a UNIX timestamp.

--- Statistics Dump --- (1550561292)
+++ Statistics Dump +++ (1551233218)

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