Viewing the progress of MySQL 8 Cluster InnoDB recovery

This article will show several handy MySQL commands for viewing the progress of MySQL 8 Cluster recovery and how the administrators may keep track of how much time will need a MySQL InnoDB Cluster node will need to complete the recovering procedure.

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SHOW REPLICA STATUS CHANNEL ‘group_replication_recovery’

If the reader needs to recover from a node failure there is the other article – Recovery of MySQL 8 Cluster instance after server crash and corrupted data in log event. In this article, the MySQL commands are executed on a CentOS Stream 8 with MySQL InnoDB 8 Cluster (here is how it is installed – Install and deploy MySQL 8 InnoDB Cluster with 3 nodes under CentOS 8 and MySQL Router for HA), which one node had been offline for about several weeks. The node was powered off normally, so the MySQL instance on the server was shut down gracefully.
Initially, the cluster state after the power down was two nodes with a missing one.
Use MySQL Shell Console to view the MySQL InnoDB 8 Cluster status:

[root@db-cluster-1 ~]# mysqlsh
MySQL Shell 8.0.28

Copyright (c) 2016, 2022, Oracle and/or its affiliates.
Oracle is a registered trademark of Oracle Corporation and/or its affiliates.
Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Type '\help' or '\?' for help; '\quit' to exit.
 MySQL  JS > \connect clusteradmin@db-cluster-1
Creating a session to 'clusteradmin@db-cluster-1'
Fetching schema names for autocompletion... Press ^C to stop.
Your MySQL connection id is 158633505 (X protocol)
Server version: 8.0.28 MySQL Community Server - GPL
No default schema selected; type \use <schema> to set one.
 MySQL  db-cluster-1:33060+ ssl  JS > var cluster = dba.getCluster()
 MySQL  db-cluster-1:33060+ ssl  JS > cluster.status()
    "clusterName": "mycluster1", 
    "defaultReplicaSet": {
        "name": "default", 
        "primary": "db-cluster-2:3306", 
        "ssl": "REQUIRED", 
        "status": "OK_NO_TOLERANCE", 
        "statusText": "Cluster is NOT tolerant to any failures. 1 member is not active.", 
        "topology": {
            "db-cluster-1:3306": {
                "address": "db-cluster-1:3306", 
                "memberRole": "SECONDARY", 
                "mode": "R/O", 
                "readReplicas": {}, 
                "replicationLag": null, 
                "role": "HA", 
                "status": "ONLINE", 
                "version": "8.0.28"
            "db-cluster-2:3306": {
                "address": "db-cluster-2:3306", 
                "memberRole": "PRIMARY", 
                "mode": "R/W", 
                "readReplicas": {}, 
                "replicationLag": null, 
                "role": "HA", 
                "status": "ONLINE", 
                "version": "8.0.28"
            "db-cluster-3:3306": {
                "address": "db-cluster-3:3306", 
                "memberRole": "SECONDARY", 
                "mode": "n/a", 
                "readReplicas": {}, 
                "role": "HA", 
                "shellConnectError": "MySQL Error 2003: Could not open connection to 'db-cluster-3:3306': Can't connect to MySQL server on 'db-cluster-3:3306' (111)", 
                "status": "(MISSING)"
        "topologyMode": "Single-Primary"
    "groupInformationSourceMember": "db-cluster-2:3306"
 MySQL  db-cluster-1:33060+ ssl  JS >

When the third server in the cluster is started (from a clean shutdown), the third node will be in a recovery state. Here is the same status command and the third node in recovery. Still, with the MySQL Shell Console:
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