Gentoo updating KDE – package blocks

In continuing our tips for updating big or multiple packages in Gentoo this time we show how to update KDE Platform, Plasma and Apps packages. In Gentoo KDE Desktop GUI is split into three major categories:

  1. kde-frameworks
  2. kde-plasma
  3. kde-apps

How we managed to update in our current situation:

  1. Sometimes when updating a group or a package with big dependency graph it is much easier to drop the -“u” update argument and to rebuild some packages with the updates.
  2. use qlist to update/re(build) to pull currently installed packages with some name or category (categories)
  3. Remove obsolete packages – you do not need them, they can just make problems when updating, because emerge will take into consideration their requirements and dependencies and your update could be impossible!

More on the subject of update tips here: Gentoo update tips when updating packages with blocks and masked files
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