ffmpeg chroot jail from Gentoo linux (ffmpeg 4.1 with gcc 8.2)

Here we build a Gentoo ssh chroot jail. You may need this because

  • you want the bleeding edge versions of the video libraries like x264, x265, ffmpeg the latest version and so on.
  • latest version of GNU C library and the compiler GNU GCC (version 8.2) at the moment
  • use all the optimizations for compiling the ffmpeg and the libraries for you current processor. Use “-march=native”
  • you want just to be able to update your system and not to break your carefully compiled latest version ffmpeg
  • experiment with GCC compile flags
  • update and test in another directory by just copying the old chroot jail directory
  • no need of any additional software on the host (like virtualization lxc, docker, qemu, etc)
  • or you might want a 32bit version (why? really? but it is possible…)

Of course, you can use for the base any Linux system, but it is easy with Gentoo – the latest versions of almost all important libraries and a packet system, which builds everything for you after a little bit of first tuning…

So here is how to do it:
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