Using Elasticsearch Rest API from Kibana web Dev Console to test ingest-pipeline

When using Elasticsearch with a Kibana instance, the user can take advantage of the Kibana web interface to test or query data from the Elasticsearch indexes really easy and fast with the REST APIs. Developing, testing or experimenting is easy in the Kibana Dev tools Console, where indexes could be created, deleted, populated and many more without the need of anything except a modern browser. The Elasticsearch REST API is here –, which points always to the current (latest) version of the Elasticseach version and the versions may be changed, for example, here is the link for the 7.17 branch. Using the Dev Tools Console is simpler even than the curl from the command-line, because the user does not need to add additional (curl or not) arguments and parameters for authentication, headers, metadata for data typing and so on. Just type the API commands and add data if they need. In fact, in the Elasticsearch site most examples use the REST API, so it is just as easy as copy and past in the console text area.

SCREENSHOT 1) Log in the Kibana instance and then navigate to the Dev tools on the left menu and then choose Console.

main menu
Management Dev Tools Console

SCREENSHOT 2) The console shows the last state, which in this case is empty, because it is opened for the first time.

Write the REST API in the left and execute by click over the play button and expect the output in JSON format in the right.

main menu
Dev tools Console overview

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