Review of Smart Array P440 on a server HP ProLiant DL160 Gen9 using iLO – create, modify, delete array and view controller settings

This article is to present how you can connect to the iLO remote keyboard, mouse and video (KVM) to create, migrate or view the arrays in hardware controller Smart Array P440. You are going to see multiple screenshots of the graphical user interface of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Smart Storage Administrator (

This is not a command line manual of the command line tool to manage the Smart Array P440. This is the HP’s GUI utility, which you can enter by pressing F10 on server start. So to enter it you must restart your server and you must have physical access to the server or remote access over the Internet with your browser to use the HP’s KVM (keyboard, mouse, video) branded iLO – HP Integrated Lights-Out. With HP iLO you can manage your server as if you are physically in front of it. Check out more here

Here are the steps you can do to manage your Smart Array P440 on a modern HP server – HP ProLiant DL160 Gen9. Our server is powered Off state. This is summery what you can see in the following screenshots: first, we open the web interface of the HP iLO by typing the IP of the iLO. Then we click on “Java Web Start” on the Overview page (it is accessible in the Remote Console menu, too). We are going to create an array and then go through most of the controller and application settings. Read ahead to see the whole process…

SCREENSHOT 1) The login page of the HPE iLO ProLiant – the HP’s KVM of your server.

Write your login credentials and click on “Log In”.

main menu
HPE iLO ProLiant web login page

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