How to install collectd in Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and in general under Ubuntu

It appears Ubuntu 22.04 LTS still does not include in its packages base one of the best server software to gather metrics from different sources. collectd is a small and fast daemon, which can gather metrics from more than 80 different sources.
In fact, Ubuntu 22.04 LTS does not include it, but the new not LTS Ubuntu 22.10 provides the package in the universe repository – At least, one more file should be installed collectd from The name of the package is collectd, collectd-core and there are 4 more files of interests – collectd-dev, collectd-utils, libcollectdclient-dev, libcollectdclient1.
Check out the pool folder of an Ubuntu mirror, for example, the mirror – and download the latest file.
Now, the latest files are and Download them and install the files with apt like usually but pointing to the files:
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