aptly remove a package from a repository using the cli

Here is a fast tip – how to remove a package from our local aptly repository:

  1. Remove the package from the local repository.
  2. Create a new snapshot form the local repository.
  3. Publish the snapshot by switching to the newly created snapshot from the above step.

The commands executing over repository with name xenial-apps to remove package with name example-app and version The snapshot name xenial-apps1588149526 is just a temporary name used for the snapshot (the ID is unix timestamp of the current time).

aptly repo remove  xenial-apps 'example-app (='
aptly snapshot create xenial-apps1588149526 from repo xenial-apps
aptly publish switch xenial-apps ubuntu xenial-apps1588149526

Real world example.

This is the log from our system with just changed names:
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